About the Abbey Sands Hotel

Let us tell you a little more about us.

Local History

In 1821 there were still fewer than 2,000 people living in Torquay,[19] but it was to experience a massive rate of growth in coming years. Between Torre Abbey and Waldon Hill, on land which slopes gently towards the sea, are four main streets; Chestnut Avenue, Belgrave, Croft, and Scarborough Roads. These were laid out between the 1850s and 1860s; the first two within what was at the time part of the landscaped grounds of Torre Abbey. Many hotels were subsequently greatly enlarged or conjoined, and much of this part of the area is given over entirely to the holiday and conference trade.

Ahead of the Times

The Abbey Sands Hotel originally started life as two Victorian Villas, The Glefinnan and The Roslin Hall. Due to the expansion of the Great Western Railway and the turn of the century tourist boom in Torquay, they began trading as hotels around 110 years ago. Eventually, they were then joined together to create The Roslyn Hall Hotel. The building has striking Victorian architecture and many of the bedrooms still retain their elegant Victorian proportions and features as does the ground floor hallway.


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Banksy Connection

In 2010, an 8ft high mural of a young boy drawing a robot appeared overnight at the Abbey Sands Hotel. Well-known street artist Banksy – whose art has been snapped up by celebrities including the late George Michael, Damien Hirst and U2’s Bono – validates the piece on his own website.